Chili Case Group Analysis Essay

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Chili Sauce Case Group Analysis Course: MHR405 Instructor: Kemi Salawu Due Date: Friday November 21, 2014 1. Identify the counterproductive employee behaviours apparent in the workplace. Explain why employees engaged in these behaviours (i.e. what may have influenced them to behave this way?) (20 marks) The situation described by “The Chili Sauce Case” is a classic example of a counter productive work environment. Many factors contributed to the lack of effort shown by the employees. These counter productive behaviours are demonstrated in two areas: counterproductive behaviours in the kitchen and counterproductive behaviours on the bottling line. Counterproductive Behaviours in the Kitchen Workplace harassment is a…show more content…
The women’s treatment of the students affected their productivity in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy; the women had very low expectations of the student’s work performance (McShane & Steen, 2008, p.76). This led them to bully the two for their own amusement, which in turn led to the frustration of the students, and caused the boxes to be thrown at the wall. As mentioned earlier, unnecessary conflict resulted in the wasting of resources, which is counterproductive to any work environment. It slows down production capabilities, increases financial expenses for damage goods, and increases safety risks. The students were being worked at a pace that was too fast for their skill set. They tried to tell the women in control of the line speed that it was too fast but the women responded with laughter and teasing. The communication on the production line had barriers. The noise of the machines was too loud for the students to be able to communicate between them, thus affecting their productivity. This led the students to seek alternative ways to slow down the speed of the production line. The actions of the women caused the students to throw boxes against the wall in order to stop the production line and catch up on their work while the bottles were being cleaned from the floor. According to an article written by Kish-Gephart et al., (2010) explains why the students were compelled to throw the boxes at the wall. The
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