Chili Peppers Essay

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Sometimes the things that irritate the body can be the most helpful to it. At least, this is the case for the active component of chili peppers. An irritant for many animals, including humans, the component capsaicin causes the peppers to taste “hot” (Mason, 2004). This aspect of the chili pepper causes the neurons to be excited and increases the sensitivity, which causes itchiness and burning sensations (Mason, 2004). These sensations are the defense mechanisms by chili peppers to protect it from being eaten by other species. So how could something that creates an instant negative response in the body be good for it? When extracted and used in a unique method, the capsaicin that creates a burning sensation can actually bring a better…show more content…
The capsaicin treatment was considerably more successful than the placebo for both sections of participants. Side effects were seen in 54% of the patients using capsaicin. One version of this study was done before but this study gave a lower effective level than the previous study. This study is difficult to have a double blind study because there is a stinging feeling when the topical treatment is applied. The result was that for every six neuropathic patients, one patient would benefit from the treatment. For every eight musculoskeletal patients, one person would benefit. Capsaicin is a great last hope for those patients who have gone through years of pain and will go through years of more. Although the pain may not be completely subsided, the little amount of help is still more of what these patients want. In addition, a major plus side to capsaicin is that it is an over-the-counter treatment for the topical treatment. In conclusion, while there are other more effective treatments for chronic pain, for those whom nothing else works it is the best method, as “even a small reduction in pain can be beneficial” (Mason, 2004). What does this really mean for the patients of chronic pain? If there are better treatments available, why choose capsaicin? The difference between capsaicin and other treatments is that this treatment can be applied to the skin. For example, oral intake is an alternative treatment for say for postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), which causes
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