Chilldren of Illegal Immigrants Are Not Entitled to Education

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Majority would say school is the most important activity in a child’s life growing up. Therefore it is upsetting that not every child is entitled to an education for various circumstances. I think this is wrong, education should be offered to every child weather their race, religion, sex, political affiliation, and even illegal immigrant children. Many people argue, are children of illegal immigrants entitled to a public education?
Nearly 41 million immigrants live in the U.S. today, yes only a fraction of those are children but in a typical immigrant family there are usually 2 parents with 2-5 children with more on the way. People can’t start to possibly mean that these children aren’t entitled to a school education. If they don’t get the right education their parents went through hell for no reason to get them here. They wanted a better life for their children; unlike the life that they had. And what we should be giving them is opportunity; we live in the United States of America for gosh sake.
I believe that the children of illegal immigrants are entitled to an American education because without one they will not go anywhere in their life and won’t be able to peruse their dreams, how would you like to feel hopeless in ever becoming successful? I personally know 2 families in the city where I reside and they both were children of illegal immigrants and I can tell you one thing they came at the age of 6th and 8th grade and both of these individuals got the American language

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