Chilly Climate On Stem Environments

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Chilly Climate in STEM environments Carissa M. Angeles December 11, 2014 Gender & Technology Rebecca Reynolds Introduction A digital divide still exists between males and females. The field of information technology and computer science is a male dominated career / field of study. Women turn away from technology and do not consider this field because men have always been the vast majority of workers in the field. There has been a small percentage of women in the IT field who have entered and remained in the profession. In this paper I will discuss the unfair treatment of females in work and school also known as “climate”. Classroom climate and work climate is essentially the same issue but in two different environments. Amborse et. al. (2010) define classroom climate as “the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical environments in which our students learn. Climate is determined by a constellation of interacting factors that include faculty-student interaction, the tone instructors set, instances of stereotyping or tokenism, the course demographics (for example, relative size of racial and other social groups enrolled in the course), student-student interaction, and the range of perspectives represented in the course content and materials” (p.170). This issue of climate heavily affects the amount of women that are interested in information technology and stay in the subject. There is evidence to propose that this seeming dominance of boys in
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