Chin A Country Of Tremendous Importance Essay

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History of China is a long and complex. China is a country of tremendous importance. From the origins of the Chinese Empire, all the way to the present day, China has been one of the most innovative, influential, and powerful countries in the world. China in particular has an incredibly rich and unique historical heritage and history. Like many other ancient societies Chinese society began along a river, was based on agriculture, and developed trade networks and large cities.

China’s geography is quite interesting, the textbook refers to it as a study in contrast. The west and southwest are mountainous and bleak. The north is arid and barren, dominated by the Gobi abd Mongolian Plateau. Despite these harsh and uninviting regions. This did not prevent connections with other cultures. Eastern China is defined by two major rivers. In the South is the Yangzi river, because of the positive traits of the Yangzi river the terrain is lush, ideal for farming. In the North however, is the yellow river, the brownish-yellow silt is responsible for both its name and color. The yellow river is shallow and flows through flat plains, with frequent floods, naturally harsh and cold. However, the brownish-yellow soil deposited on surrounding lands by periodic floods, the rich silt restores the soils fertility. Farming came early to this area, as early as 7000 B.C.E, a necessity to sustain the growing population, in addition because the yellow rivers unpredicately, it forced those who lived…

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