Chin An Emerging Economy

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Ayesha Raza
Dr. Patti Laird
October, 10 2014
China is an emerging economy that caters number of market opportunities for foreign investment. Moreover, China has a huge potential for economic growth. It is the world’s most populous country. It shares border with fourteen countries. The rapid expansion of Chinese economy has captivated many countries to invest in this market in order to gain profit and enjoy low tax rates. China’s one of the best-known landmarks is the Great wall, one of the world’s largest manmade structures. China is the second largest energy consumer country and third largest energy provider country in the world where coal is the primary source of energy. As far as the political factors of China are concerned China is not dominated by a single or a two party system, it has a multi -party System under the leadership of CPC (communist party of China). In decision making process of the political, economic, cultural and social affairs the other parties express their concerns regarding the particular polices to be adopted but one who rule in all is CPC whose approval is the main concern. Furthermore, considering the political stability of the country, number of foreign investments has been embedded into the country’s economy making it a country, which carries a low level of risks of investments. Consequently, this immense increase in the investment ties back to the increase in political stability of the country.
China has recently encountered
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