China, A Home And Folk Remedy

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The essay gives a synopsis of Chinese culture in terms of life processes, health and illness, Maintaining wellness, causes of illness, traditional way of healing the cure, and the impact of cultural background of health professional during treatment. The context of this essay will highlight the concept of cultural stereotype and its influence on ones health due to the customs and beliefs. In china, a home and folk remedy is a conventional way of treating illness and is preferred over the western medical practices. (Dixon.B, 2009, pp. 4-5). Some orthodox Chinese communities assume that incongruity of qi and yin and yang disturbs the health of people. (Dixon.B, 2009, pp. 4-5). The beliefs can have peculiar or edifying influence on health as…show more content…
The way people perceived life in China affect their mental health and illness.

Traditional Chinese practices have great contribution in maintaining wellness in china. The psychiatric wellness is maintained when the activities of mind, body and soul combine together. (Dixon.B, 2009, pp. 4-5). Natural recourses like hot springs and healing waters are required to maintain wellness. Indeed, the conventional Chinese Medicine is cultural asset of wellness (Heung.V, Kucukusta.D, 2013, pp. 346-348). Internal stability is retained by natural practices of T’ai Chi and Qi Gong. Qi Gong is best known to maintain spiritual esteem balanced secretion. However, T’ia Chi helps in controlling breathing and meditation.(Traditional Chinese Medicine and Maintaing Homeostasis, 2014 )

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Maintaining Homeostasis, (2014). A project of the University of Chicago-Publication. Retrieved from:

Health and Illness is determined by the interaction between healthy mind, body and soul. In china, self-stigmatization is very common in people with mental illness. For example, Young and Ng (2015, p. 176) suggested that most of the Chinese people with mental disorder suffer from public stigma and self-stigma. Due to the unhealthy mind and surroundings, it is hard for people to recover from illness. Furthermore, the Balance between yin-yang
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