China, A Home And Folk Remedy

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The essay gives a synopsis of Chinese culture in terms of life processes, health and illness, Maintaining wellness, causes of illness, traditional way of healing the cure, and the impact of cultural background of health professional during treatment. The context of this essay will highlight the concept of cultural stereotype and its influence on ones health due to the customs and beliefs. In china, a home and folk remedy is a conventional way of treating illness and is preferred over the western medical practices. (Dixon.B, 2009, pp. 4-5). Some orthodox Chinese communities assume that incongruity of qi and yin and yang disturbs the health of people. (Dixon.B, 2009, pp. 4-5). The beliefs can have peculiar or edifying influence on health as they inflame the metabolic functions of immune system and can mutate our thought and opinions towards illness. (The Power of Beliefs and Importance of Culture, 2015). The healthcare providers and nurses are positioned to see the fact that cultural beliefs can affect the health and bodies potential to heal the patients in the process of treatment.

Life processes in China relies heavily on conservative way of living. There are two examples that show how Chinese people perceive the concept of life or being alive. Firstly, the concept of Confucianism and Taoism has great significance in Chinese culture. National historians who believe in supernatural powers and perform certain magic in order to immortalize themselves are known as Taoists.…
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