China And Claiming Them As Theirs ( 335 )

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in China and claiming them as theirs (335). Not only did the USDA allow companies throughout the United States to pass imported goods as their own, but it shows how well the quality and the safety of the produce was compromised and allowed by the government. As stated by Jerome Rodale in Chenglin Liu’s article he “provided a platform for spreading his belief in organic food and distaste of chemically induced agriculture… Even though Rodale 's ideas were met with skepticism, resistance, and even ridicule, organic farming gradually gained momentum through his persistent efforts” (337), with people knowing the harm that such farming could bring to them people carried on with what they were interested in at that moment without ever taking a look back and taking into consideration the harmful effect that this could cause to their wellbeing. Without explicit regulation, farmers “allegedly mislabeled their conventionally grown products as organics to deceive consumers” (Liu 337) allowing consumers to believe that they were consuming one sort of produce when in reality they were being lied to and were having produce that came from unknown circumstances and were cultivated with unknown processes. As a result of such practices, rules such as “agent must have expertise in organic farming and handling, although an advanced degree in a scientific discipline is not necessary” (Liu 340), were put in place, but “in the two decades since enactment of the OFPA, the USDA has never formed such…
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