China And Japan During The Age Of Imperialism

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Pavin Kaler 211347747 April 16th, 2015 Professor Joe Kispal-Kovacs Modern Era Comparative Essay China and Japan in the Age of Imperialism 1 LENGTH: 2000-2500 words (7-8 pages) Explore secondary scholarly sources outside of your course textbooks. You must develop a thesis statement, undertake scholarly research, and integrate your findings into an argumentative essay. The type of essay is comparative; you must compare and contrast specific aspect of two nations (or cultural zones) in two different time periods. Topic: Transformations in Political Structures. Both countries experienced revolutions as a reaction to colonization attempts. Page 686 SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Choose ONE topic. This is the “frame of reference” of the “context” within which you will compare and contrast two nations/periods. - The idea and/or practice of revolution - Colonization and its consequences - Economic development - Transformations in political structures - The Impact of a Technological Development - Popular Culture and Leisure Practices - Media (Print or Electronic) and Society - Gender roles - Class struggle 2. Select TWO nations (or cultural zones) during two specific time periods in the modern era (example: Britain in the 19th century or China in the early 10th century) that you would like to learn more about/undertake a comparative
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