China And The Phenomenon Of Cooperation

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Everyone wants to win. Students want to achieve higher scores than others; officers want to be outstanding among the colleagues; athletes want to get the championships in different competitions. The reason that people have emulation is due to the human desire to win. It became human nature since a really long time ago. Human competed with ferocious species, like lions and tigers, in order to obtain resources and territories. However, different from this kind of competition, human also grouped together to gain larger population and power to intimidate other species and discouraged them from attacking human beings. The human desire to win leads to collaboration between species as well as different groups of people. James Fallows, a famous writer and journalist, discusses a Chinese reality TV show called Win In China and the phenomenon of cooperation in the show in his article “Win In China!” Though Naomi Klein, a well-known author as well as an activist, concerns about the barriers brought by capitalism in her passage “Fences of Enclosure, Windows of Possibility”, she also mentions different types of collaboration whose purpose is to make the society better. As a representation of human desire to win, cooperation gathers people together, widens their minds and enables efficient development, which can create a secure, large-scale and stable economy. This kind of cooperation can occur when people’s rights and companies’ positions are threatened in order to obtain a
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