China And The United States Ethics Of Sanctions

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Introduction Ethics of sanction are punishment countries implement to take care of people when they break the rule given them. Laws are necessary to keep people in line and prevent criminals from harming innocent individuals. Different country have different laws, some countries have greater consequences when one breaks the laws. China and United states have different laws and punishment for breaking specific regulations, usually the greater the crime the greater the sanctions. In the united states circumstances such as age, and criminal corporation determine greatly how much sentence a person get, similar circumstance occur in china age and criminal history also help determine one punishment. Sometimes these sanctions can be unfair and unethical, hence the reason why this essay will be focused on China and the United States ethics of sanctions.
When a person commits a crime in China, the sanction is determined greatly by ones age. For instance when a person reaches fourteen years of age and commits an intentional homicide he or she has to bear criminal responsibility, different laws applies to the united states, when a fourteen years old kid intentionally kills someone he or she is tried as an adult. In China kids at the age of fourteen who commits a crime has a lighter mitigated punishment, however the kids in the United States have more severe punishments. Ethically China has done a the right thing to reduce the punishment given to kids, however, in the
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