China And The Western Struggle

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China and the Western Struggle

China, the creator of tea and silk went through a period where they had troubles with the west. This took place in the early nineteenth century. During this time china still thinks that they are the middle Kingdom (The center of the world). Great Britain has wanted to expand for years and get trade from other countries. China has not wanted to trade with Britain. China has not wanted to trade because of they are self sufficiece. China has been living by Confucian principles for the last thousand years, and does not want to change their way of life. The west really wanted China 's tea and silk so they kept trying to trade with china, but the problem was that great britain had nothing china wanted. Then one
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China was harmed politically by the western countries because the treaty of Nanking caused China to lose control over their territory and ports. In the Treaty Of Nanking China lost the island of Hong Kong over to British Control. In the article China meets the west, Opium war and Treaty of Nanking it says “Treaty also gave the British the island of Hong Kong.” This is bad for china because there is the loss of cultural effect and the Chinese government will no longer be there. Without the Chinese culture the island will be forced to give the original Confucian Principles that they grew up on. The government will no longer be Chinese, they will be a colony of great britain. That means that every one living on the island will become a citizen of great britain. They would most likely have to change religions to christian and give up family traditions and such. When the treaty was signed it also gave the right for British merchants to put their ship at port anywhere they want. From the article China meets the west, Opium war and Treaty of Nanking it says “Establish at all ports which are by the 2nd article of the treaty to be thrown open for the rest of the British merchants.” Any ship from great Britain is welcome to take port anywhere they want in china. That is giving the British the upper hand. In the long run this could work
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