China, Buddhism And Taoism

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Environmentalist a movement that China established to improve and change the environment issues. The government declines nations associated with Non Governmental Organization (NGO) because the organization is a nonbeliever towards god. People can practice religion in China however only in private surrounding with family members. It prohibited religion mediating between the government and citizens. Non governmental organization (NGO) lacks government and are funded by various private or public institutions. The reason why the organization gain power because they understand the needs and resources the low income lack of. Developing nation gave the organization the opportunity to implement policies while the government is at the vulnerable stage.…show more content…
Another role the organization is part of is education and employment. The developing nation depend them for funding, implement new programs, and gather data on the demographic status of their population. In China, Buddhism and Taoism support environmentalism. In Buddhism, the forest plays a major role where Buddha sit under the tree for meditation achieving harmony and enlightenment. It gives him a deeper understanding about nature and what the world has brought him. Taoism, is a given understanding about nature and people can share be cooperative from what they learn. The meaning is being aware for each other and the whole population made up is both the alive and dead. The traditional way is Chinese have always accept the government implementation in everyday life, for example the one child
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