Essay about China During Sun Yat-Sen and Mao Zedong

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Question 1

When classifying revolutionary movements of the 20th century it is often customary to try and label the conflict either Left Wing or Right Wing. However, in the cases of Sun Yat-sen and Mao Zedong, neither Left nor Right Wing seems an appropriate label for what their revolutions contained for China. The difference between democratic and anti-democratic is more fitting for the two Chinese revolutionaries. Both Sun and Mao advocated different methods of development to achieve the same goals but caused drastically different results. Sun Yat-sen, who was taught at a young age the Western ways of life, favored a revolutionary movement with democratic aspirations. Conversely, Mao admired Stalinism and the industrial drive of
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Thirdly, Sun advocated economic development which he felt would help China become a larger force on the world scene. He had seen how advanced the Western world had become through the Industrial Revolution and was intent on bringing that success to China. Sun’s economic development would entail:

Creating a “Chinese neo democracy” [which] involved a developmental regime, typified by qualified private property rights, market guidance, and major state intervention in the process. It would constitute a modified capitalism- a form of market-governed, developmental national socialism- calculated to accelerate industrialization.8

Sun felt that having a developmental regime and also a plan for infrastructural expansion such as railways, roadways, and telephones would also aid in China’s modernization and ease the change from being an agrarian society to an industrial society. Sun created his revolution specifically for China’s economy and the structure of their nation. For the economy, Sun knew and understood the intricacies of the market and that abandoning it would be economical suicide for China. Sun proposed a market under state control which would involve private property and a market- governed price structure. Sun did not believe in collectivization because a democratic society needs private property so that the people are motivated by their self interest to work hard and succeed. Sun also realized
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