China - Economic Development Essay

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Kimberly Remijan
Mr. Harvey
The Pros Outweigh the Cons When one thinks of a major Chinese city such as Shanghai or Beijing, images of sidewalks overcrowded with pedestrians, thousands of bicycles lined on the streets and litter spotted throughout public areas may come to mind. However, with the modernization and industrialization China has gone through, urban citizens are now more frequently using public transport, automobiles are increasingly being used more and people are hired to keep streets as clean as possible. With a little over three decades having past since the major industrial development, China has industrialized at an astonishing rate. This is especially apparent when comparing its much higher industrializing rates to
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With such comforts being more widely used than in the past, people are able to live more comfortably and happily. The benefits for the common people do not stop here. On a public level, public transportation is now being frequently used and education as well as heath-care is more available and accessible to citizens. Public transport such as buses, trains, airplanes and boats are being developed and utilized by many. “China will build or renovate 150 airports…harness water routes along major rivers…build 20 thousand kilometers of roads…and 6,000 kilometers of railways” (“China to Witness Development”). Going back a few years ago when China mostly used bicycles to get to and from places, this burst of transportation development is huge. Not only is it available to many now but the government also continues to improve such means of transport, which will make business, travel, trading and communication much easier. It gets even better as the government focuses much of its time and money on spreading opportunities for education throughout the country. “In the nine-year compulsory education, the central government remitted 52 million students from underdeveloped western and central regions their tuition fees and extras” (“China Economic Growth”). With education being available to all social and economic classes in China, there is opportunity for a great social leap in the future. With proper
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