China First Dynasty

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The Great Wall of China is one of the most fascinating things that man has ever seen. Why because, the Great is one of the 7 wonders of the world. The Great Wall has one of the most fascinating history/background to it, because of how long it is, the way it protects China, and how they made the Great Wall. No one really has much proof if Yu founded the first dynasty in China (Connected Ed). In 220 BC. Qin Shi Hung became the first emperor of China (Great). Emperor Qin wanted to make China strong by making a unified army (Connected ED). By the 3rd century Qin took over all of China (McKillop). Kingdoms had controlled vast amounts of lands so wars were constantly going on (Mckillop). Around 2 centuries later the Qin ordered construction on…show more content…
Early emperors chose one of their family members or one their most trusted aristocrats to become emperor (Connected Ed). A person named Hanfeizi brought the ideas of legalism around 200 BC. (Connected Ed). A believer in legalism was usually a very evil person (Great). Citizens paid taxes to support the Government and the army (McKillop). Society in China was divided into aristocrats and ordinary people (McKillop). The Shang’s made system to show what kind of class you are in like the king was on the top, then it was the rich, then it was the poor/common people (Knight). Nearly all Daoist and non-legalist were beaten to death or killed (Great). The third philosophy became known as the school of law (Connected Ed). The Han’s and the Hsin Dynasty mangled to replace noblemen to officials (Knight). The Chin’s were very mean and cruel to the people of China…show more content…
The Great Wall had thousands of archer towers surrounding China (Knight). The strategy of the Great Wall was to weaken the soldiers/kill most of the troops/all of them (Kight). The Great Wall slowly lost its importance after it was broken down and China was taken over by the Tujue tribe (Great). The Great Wall is the only thing made from man to be seen from space (Knight). Pan grew in poverty so he almost stopped construction on the Great Wall (Knight). There's three important passages in Shanxi’s wall which is the Great Wall had played a strategy in defending (Evans). QIn wanted and strengthen China (Connected Ed). During the 7th century China was awarded many scientific awards (McKillop). Slaves mostly worked on the Great Wall of China
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