China Has Been A Communist Country

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China has been a communist country. Despite persistent debate over an extended period of time, the question whether which Chinese government is the most responsive to its people has never been permanently settled. However, I dare to claim that Qing Dynasty was the most open and receptive to its people among several Chinese governments. Some people might contend that Republic of China, Warlords, and Chinese Communist Party were the most responsive to its people. However, a close examination throughout this essay will clearly reveal the fallacious nature of their argument. My line of reasoning will derive its support from the most fundamental sources of human wisdom and history.
Qing Dynasty is the last empire in China. It was founded by Manchus in 1644 and ended in 1912 after Xianhai Revolution. Even though Qing Dynasty was an empire and was under the discipline of ‘Mandate of Heaven’, it prospered more than the other three governments. In the first 150 years of Qing Dynasty, it enjoyed stability and peacefulness for a long time without being noticed by foreign powers. During this time, even the culture and artistic practices bloomed. The Dream of the Red Chamber, which is China’s greatest novel, was written During Qing Dynasty. People had more time to enjoy their cultural life.
It is usually attributed to the emperor Qianlong who ruled Qing from 1735 to 1799. He learned the ways of governing properly from his grandfather and his father. He successfully dealt with the…
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