China In The Film Warriors Of Heaven And Earth

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The Tang Dynasty started in the 6th century after the fall of the Sui Dynasty. It is considered a golden age due to the increase in artistic ability, military advancement, trading, religious enlightenment, and technological achievements. During this time China created a strong bond with Japan, the two traded resources and sent scholars and military leaders to learn from each other and bring information back. Through this method Japan would achieve much of its development through its adoption of Chinese civilization. The film “Warriors of Heaven and Earth” takes place in 8th-century China and focuses largely on many of the prevalent themes relating to the Tang Dynasty. One of the main characters, Lai Xi, is a Japanese emissary who has been residing in China and killing fugitives for the Chinese emperor. He uses a samurai sword as his weapon of choice. This is an excellent example of the cross overs between Japan and China. Another heavy theme in the film is the focus on religion. The protagonists must protect a caravan, and guide it to the capital. They later find out that the caravan holds the remains of a Buddhist monk. This is a powerful relic that could control the country due to its influential hold on the religious people and its actual mystical power. This shows how important and influential Buddhism was and still is to China. Within the…show more content…
Chinese clothing consisted of Hanfu, a color round-neck robe. While, Japanese clothing consisted of Kimonos, a T-shaped robe. Mannerisms were also different, Chinese people are typically louder in public places, in Japan talking loudly in public places is frowned upon. Chinese cuisine consists of duck, chicken, pork, and beef, while Japanese cuisine consists of a large amount of seafood and raw food. Both China and Japan practice Buddhism, but China also largely practices Taoism and Confucianism, whereas Japan practices
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