China Is Reaching New Levels Making It A Top Choice For Many Global Managers

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Final Paper - China
Mary Docksey
Baker College

Final Paper - China
China is reaching new levels making it a top choice for many global managers. China accounts for more than a third of global growth over the past seven years. (Legarde, 2015) The country has worked hard in creating economic growth and although it has been slow it has been successful. They are gaining on economic and financial stability. As a relocation specialist I would inform the global manager and his family what they can expect when relocating to China.
Moving to a foreign country can be very exciting but can also be a challenge if not properly informed. The culture varies greatly from that accustomed to, the main spoken language is Chinese, and healthcare is similar …show more content…

There will be some adjustments to be had but overtime will be overcome. In China, it is expected and very common for the employer to find housing and pay some or all of the housing for the foreign employer. There will most likely not be central heating. This can easily be overcome by transporting or purchasing warm blankets and slippers. The family will be considered a guest and should become acquainted with staff of the building in which they are assigned. This will help in expediting repairs of the unit if needed. (ForeignerCN, 2014) For convenience opening a Chinese bank account is recommended and it is very easy. A passport is the only document needed. If the language is a barrier a bank closest to other foreigners will most likely be the best chance to find English speaking employees. Another challenge that may occur is salary. Wages will be paid in yuan, and there may be challenges in having it exchanged for American dollars immediately. It is advised that finances are monitored closely and proof of payments are kept track of. This is especially true when exchanging currency. Always keep the exchange receipts. The average monthly cost of living in China is $1000. (ForeignerCN, 2014) This will be less depending on the allowance agreed upon the employer.
The employer in China will assist the family with their move, housing and initial start in China. It is encouraged to help make

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