China National Offshore Oil Corporation: Organizational Analysis

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MBA 684 Organizational Analysis | 4/2/2013 | Professor Mark Lee | Nick Chen | 目录 Executive Summary 2 Company Overview 3 Organizational Structure 4 Organizational Culture and Social Responsibility 4 Organizational Strategies 5 Opportunities in the Domestic Environment 6 Overseas Acquisitions 7 Strength of Organization 9 Threat of Organization 10 Products and Services Offered by CNOOC 11 Information Technology and Control Systems 12 Organization Size and Life Cycle 13 Innovation and Change 13 Summary of Key Findings 14 Figure I 16 Figure II 17 Figure III 18 References 19 Executive Summary China National Offshore Oil Corporation is a mega government owned company. The company is the largest…show more content…
Nowadays, CNOOC has registered capital of 94.9 billion RMB and current employs 98,750 people and has recorded revenues of 75,514 million US dollars, which accounts for 44.1 percent of increase from the previous year, and profits of 8,836 million US dollars, which accounts for 22.1 percent of growth from 2011. The company was ranked at 101st in the rankings of Fortune Global 500, compared with 162nd in 2011. The large number of employees compares with Exxon’s number of 99,100. Probably, this is because of the large number of population of China. As a state-owned enterprise, CNOOC needs to help government deal with the problem of unemployment. Organizational Structure China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) is headquartered in Beijing and has four major branches in mainland China, which are located in Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Zhanjiang. The branch of Tianjin is mainly responsible for Bo Hai Operation area. The branch of Shanghai is responsible for the East China Sea. The Shenzhen branch is responsible for the east of South China Sea, and the Zhanjiang branch is in charge of the west side of South China Sea. In order to enhance implementation of strategies and quality of production and optimize the allocation of resources, the corporation sets up nineteen separated departments. The whole organizational structure is set as Figure I. Based on the figure

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