China Relations DBQ Essay

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Michael Mcgarty
November 14th, 2014
6th Period AP World History
Chinese peasant and Communism DBQ:
Between circa 1925 and circa 1950, the relations between the Chinese peasants and the Chinese Communist Party became out of hand due to the peasant rebellions/uprising groups present, the tension between Japan and the communist party, and most notable the mass reform during this time period. In 1927 the rising leader of the Chinese Communist party was acknowledging that soon the upsurge of peasant rebellion was soon, and that will soon rise up and overpower the wealthy landowning class. (DOC 1). In 1941 a Japanese official report had noted that due to extreme similarities between the peasants and local communist guerrilla unit. These
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A conversation between a teenage peasant and his grandfather explained some of the goods that communism had brought to the Chinese. From the grandfather’s point of view, Communism had brought nothing but greatness to the Chinese state, but at the time period such claims would often be argued, thus building tension.(DOC 2). With the prevalent tension and the armed peasants it led to a mass reform during this period. An Addition document that may help in this would most definitely be a journal from a pro Communism and anti Communism to see the variety of views on the group. With the uprisings become stronger, and tensions building greater it led to a massive reform across the state. The reforms began first in 1948 with the arming of the peasants in China to fight against Japan, with the peasants armed it had prompted rebellion against the landlords taking the power from them and taking back what was originally theirs. (DOC 6). With the picture of the peasant sticking their tongue out to the landlord shows how the power has shifted quite massively. The fact that struggle meetings where organized in the land reform process quite well shows that the peasants have the power now.(DOC 9). In the same year of 1950, along with change of power there was also a change
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