China, South Korea And Japan

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China, South Korea and Japan are three countries which represent successful policies in reversing their economy from central to advanced in a short period of time. These countries are smaller pieces of a puzzle and they compete with the rest of Asia by forming a strong picture. After participating in wars like WWII and the Korean War, China, South Korea, and Japan make a very powerful triangular force that stands for change and the development of a new policy in economy, society and governments. The transformation of these countries to the open world context has several reasons that consist to: transform the financial system to an open economy, shut down a very large number of loss making state enterprises, and strengthen the weak position of government. The first reason has a connection with the financial system reform that has been followed by good case open door investments with an important increasing proportion of non performing assets. This form of a democratic system in their economy, politics and government is external pressure for reform in several times to get a new face of economy.To many companies from Western country include the United State create the biggest vary transformation process and bring new technology, create new jobs for free population and those countries start to have beneficial results that grow up financial. China was one of the open door economy had result, but is not behian Japan and South Korea too. For instance, in Japan after war the
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