China Southern Airline Market Analysis

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1) Executive Summary From this report, we will discover the marketing plan of the airlines company. Firstly, we will state the objective of the china airlines company, and how we analysis the internal & external environment of the company. Furthermore, we will find out the marketing objective and the possible marketing strategy available for china southern airlines. Moreover, marketing mix and the extended marketing mix will be analyzed on china southern airlines. In the end, we will briefly show some of the budgeting to show that the company financial situation. 2) Mission statement and objective China Southern Airlines is committed to putting the customer first and dedicated to exceeding its customers’ expectations by offering…show more content…
For example, the baggage, the weight of each check-in piece of baggage may not exceed 23 kg, and the size of each piece of baggage may not exceed 158 cm in total. If the baggage excesses the limit, airlines will charges more depend on excess in the weight, size or amount of the baggage. 3.1.6) Environmental Factors Global warming Global warming let the whole world pay more attention to reduce the carbon emission. Considering less influence on environment, people prefer to railway when they travel. Air transport therefore is given more social responsibility, increasing its own operating costs. Noise Pollution With the maturing of civil aviation technology, the air transport industry has made progress in environmental protection; especially the engine innovation has significantly reduced the noise pollution. But this advancement is not recognized by the relevant environmental organizations, and they tend to obstruct the construction of some large airport projects. 3.2 SWOT Analysis The graph above is china southern airlines SWOT analysis. This SWOT analysis may help China Southern Airlines to find out the opportunities and threat, and allow them to develop a strategic plan to meet opportunities through their strength. StrengthChina Southern Airlines is they have a rich of reputation and history because China Southern Airlines has accumulated 7 million safe flight hours, recorded 195

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