China Syndrome : A Interesting Movie

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China Syndrome The China Syndrome was a very interesting movie, because my generation does not really understand what it was like in the 1970s or even much about nuclear weapons or power. I personally find documentary interesting because they can teach us so much about the past so we do not make the same mistakes. I first learned about nuclear power by watching a YouTube documentary of the Chernobyl accident. The China Syndrome shows us that doing the right thing is not always doing the right thing, this is very relevant because in my day to day live I have to make choice that are not really right but I have to do them. The China Syndrome is about a nuclear plant in Southern California and while there a new reporter witnesses an accident. After witnessing the accident the reporter wants to tell the world about the accident but is forced to keep her mouth shut till an engineer brings her into the control room and wants to make a public statement about the accident. Now onto how a nuclear power plant works. First, when a nuclear power plant is built it has to be built near a massive body of water because the plants take in massive amounts of water. Once the plant has been established, they need to enrich uranium which is where the plant makes its power. Additionally, with the uranium there are control rods which control the nuclear reactions when inserted they stop the reaction when they are pulled out they let the reaction go full guns. Now with a few of the basics
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