Essay about China: Threat or Friend?

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China: Threat or Friend? If you input “China’s GDP” by using a Google search, the first result jumps into your eyes should be a chart presented by World Bank, which indicates how dramatically the economy has grown in China from 0.10 trillion dollars in the year 1960 to 5.93 trillion in 2010. As Professor Stephen S. Roach wrote in his article ‘10 reasons why China is different’, China’s economy has made a break-through indeed due to its tremendous changes and unremitting efforts among: “strategy, commitment, wherewithal to deliver, saving, rural-urban migration, consumption, services, foreign direct investment, education and innovation. ”(Stephen S. Roach ,10 reasons why china is different )So many cases illustrated how China’s…show more content…
The acquisition helped the company to dominate the majority of the personal computer market in a worldwide situation and ranked top 2 from then on. The rising-up of its high technology of China makes the Westerns feel that China’s economic power has dominated the world already. Another case can illustrate how strong China is should be the fact that China has become the biggest creditor nation to the U.S. By simplifying this abstract “biggest creditor nation” definition, a mathematic analysis may provide a lot of help: China has an estimated number of 1.4 billion people in its territory, while the government loan China has brought from the U.S in late 2011 was summed about 1.148 trillion dollars. That is to say, every single Chinese has an amount of 820 dollars of the American government loan. Statistics are always the most persuasive evidences. To some extents, a normal American middle class worker can hardly ever afford a home by asking for a loan without China’s help. China’s rapidly economic development strengthens its international position and even somewhat has improved the average quality of the whole world. Nobody can live without China. But things are never easy especially to China—such a country with over population and ideological incompatibility when we compare China with the Western value system. The outsides of China are considering this ancient East nation as an awaken dragon. They get shocked a lot from its growth, and the consequences in query
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