China Vs Jap More Than A Century Of Conflict

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China vs. Japan: More than a century of conflict
Enchantria Fleming
Excelsior College

For more than a century, China and Japan have had conflict after conflict, from the first Sino-Japanese war between the Qing Empire and the Empire of Japan then the second Sino-Japanese war nearly 50 years later. The conflict between these two countries stems from fights over territory to constant scrutinization between the two because of cultural differences and what I believe has begun to exhibit signs of cultural incompetence.
The First Sino- Japanese war allowed Japan to emerge as a major world power while revealing the weakness of the Chinese empire. Both China and Japan wanted to rule supreme over Korea. Korea was already one of China 's most significant clients. Japan started to notice Korea for its geographic positioning and its natural resources (coal and iron). After Japan implemented Western technology, Korea was forced to expose itself to trade with Japan and proclaim independence from China. Japanese reformers attempted to overthrow the Korean government in 1884. Chinese troops rescued the king killing several Japanese guards in the process. War was evaded between the two countries by signing of the Li- Ito convention, both countries had to withdraw troops from Korea. In 1894, Kim Ok-kyun, a pro-Japanese Korean leader of the 1884 rebellion, was invited to Shanghai and assassinated. His body was then placed aboard a Chinese warship and directed back to Korea, where it

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