China a Threat to Indian Industry?

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Are Chinese products a threat to INDIAN Industries

1) Are Japanese products a threat to US industries?
Are Eastern EU products a threat to Western EU industries?
2) Is the Chinese Auto industries a threat to India? Dont know. Is the Chinese Food Product better than India? Dont think so. Is the Chinese Manga Books better than India? Dont think so. Is the Chinese textile industries a threat to India? Yes. Is the Indian software industries a threat to China? Yes.
3) As a wide range of cheap Chinese products flooded the Indian market, some local industries were adversely affected, while others benefitted by using these products as raw materials.
4) One-hour technology' products from China started entering Indian households some years ago.
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China undoubtedly has a humongous software market, but is definitely not a threat. * India has its own unique power and intelligence. * Indian IT companies have captured Asia and Japan as well. * India is becoming one of the world’s largest internet and mobile user’s country. * India’s mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds. * Most countries prefer employees from India rather than China because of communication barrier. English is spoken by almost all IT industries in India. * India has a large consumer and industrial market, all thirsting for products, with great brands and distribution networks.ForThere is no doubt that India may take many years to have a market like China. * China has a huge population. Moreover people there are advancing each passing day. * China launches new mobiles, technologies, automobiles almost everyday. * China’s automobile industry is much bigger than India’s. it can therefore serve quality products at lower cost. * China has a string support from the government. Indian IT industries have negligible support. * China

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