China and Taiwan Relations: China is Not a Happy Panda

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“China is not a happy panda”. This article describes China’s petulance with the United States over its political and military support of Japan, the Phillipines, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and of the United State’s “criticism of China's dismal human rights record” (Eades). While it is of the utmost importance for the United States to foster good relationships with Japan and the others, China’s perception of being provoked by America can lead to catastrophic repercussions. Furthermore, the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine have led President Obama to issue several executive orders imposing sanctions to certain individuals and companies with regard to those “contributing to the situation in Ukraine” (Executive). President Obama has cut the nation’s defense budget in an effort to decrease the overall spending and national debt. However, by cutting the size of the country’s military, any actions that anger the leaders of another nation – particularly if that nation is China or Russia – is putting each citizen of the United States in personal jeopardy. As recently as February 2014 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced that the size of the United States Army would be cut to its smallest size since before World War II (Hagel). When enmity increases worldwide – as it does periodically and as is happening today – the last thing a nation’s leader should do is decrease the size if its military. The actions the United States should take in regard to this crisis is to do

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