China and Usa: a Comparison of Their Monetary Policies

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University of International Business and Economics China and USA: A comparison of their Monetary Policies. Mid-term Project School of International Trade and Economics BY Rebecca Bogiri Professor: LIN GUIJIN Beijing, China 2 December 2009 China and USA: A comparison of their Monetary Policies. By: Rebecca Bogiri December 2009 Abstract The monetary policies of USA and China is analyzed here from the perspective of their implementing bodies, their choice of instruments, and their means of setting their interest rates. The analysis reveals that there are immense differences between the two countries resulting from the nature and degree of influence from their respective domestic political systems. The paper…show more content…
Therefore, it is independent of Congressional decisions about appropriations. How is the Fed "independent within the government"? Even though the Fed is independent of Congressional appropriations and administrative control, it is ultimately accountable to Congress and comes under government audit and review. Fed officials report regularly to the Congress on monetary policy, regulatory policy, and a variety of other issues, and they meet with senior Administration officials to discuss the Federal Reserve's and the federal government's economic programs. The Fed also reports to Congress on its finances. Who makes monetary policy? The Fed's FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) has primary responsibility for conducting monetary policy. The FOMC meets in Washington eight times a year and has twelve members: the seven members of the Board of Governors, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and four of the other Reserve Bank Presidents, who serve in rotation. The remaining Reserve Bank Presidents contribute to the Committee's discussions and deliberations. In addition, the Directors of each Reserve Bank contribute to monetary policy by making recommendations about the appropriate discount rate, which are subject to final approval by the Governors. Objective of Monetary policy Monetary policy has two basic goals: to promote "maximum" sustainable output and
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