China and the Use of Coal: An Examination

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China and the Use of Coal: An Examination Energy and power do indeed mark the pillars of any national economy and China is no different. China, with one of the world's largest populations has an economy which is founded on the context of high labour, great deals of labour and thus needs the relevant resources of energy to support these moves, amid a high level of competition. This is particularly exacerbated by the fact that in the last ten years, China has gone through marked industrial and urban development at record speed with the strong development of the gross domestic product (Best & Levina, 2012). This created a doubled consumption of their energy demands; making China the leading energy consumer in the world (Best& Levina, 2012). Thus, certain details like pricing, the mechanisms of pricing, the ability to transport and other choices mean that a range of factors come into play given the decisions connected to China selecting coals at the main means of their electric generation planning. But even so, there still needs to be the necessary level of balance when selecting any source of energy as one's primary means of support for an entire nation. This summer demonstrated a truly disturbing drop in China's coal output: it fell 3.7 percent in the first six months of 2013 as a slow economy raised pressure on miners who plummeted into the red as their clients couldn't pay their bills (Wong, 2013). To be clear, China is the global leader when it comes to the production
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