China 's Attitude Towards The West

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China and the West made significant contributions towards the evolutions that took place in the world. During the 18th century, Western opinion on China underwent radical change, due to what seemed to be China’s unwavering attitude towards the West. In spite of the fact that earlier Europeans had high regards for China, especially in idealized terms, this changed. By the late eighteenth century, the West viewed China as closed and hidebound society that immensely lacked interest in new knowledge, innovation, and science. Consequently, this led to a paradoxical situation in relation to the counterclaims towards each other. The ensuing relations and opinionated positions informed much of the historical events that took place in the latter years. In view of this background, China’s reserved in her attitudes towards the West in the light of the general validity of late eighteenth century European claims.
China’s Attitude Towards the West
China’s relationship with the West in the eighteenth century points to a general negative perception, which developed mainly in light of the fact that China had certain unique aspects of their lives, which deemed pure, thereby deserved immense protection from any external source that could deride them. Because of the need to remain unique, China had developed considerable negative attitude towards the West. They did not want to engage the West on issues, which, according to Europeans, were crucial for enhancing development. The
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