China 's Biggest Online Retailer Of Beauty Products

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1. Introduction: What makes Jumei interesting/unique?

Jumei is the China’s biggest online retailer of beauty products, which combines flash sales and regular sales. In US, it is not unusual for the CEOs to be the public face for the company. However, Jumei is the first major company in China that uses CEO as brand ambassadors, instead of use famous star. As a young and good-looking entrepreneur, many young people, especially young girls consider Chen Ou as an idol. He personally appeared in Jumei’s video ad in which he declared “I am Chen Ou. I speak for myself” and expressed his dream and encourage young people to never give up their own dreams. This creative advertisement aroused a strong resonance among young people and especially on social media websites. “Chen Ou Ti”, which means express personality following the format in the advertisements, this became a trend in China on 2012. Thousands of “Chen Ou Ti” were made by internet user as well as other companies. This virus marketing not only makes Chen Ou a star, but also makes the startup company known by people all around the country. By the end of 2015, Chen Ou has had 31 millions followers in China’s version of twitter — weibo, and around 100 thousand “like” on each post. He also gives out coupons or vouchers on his personal social media account to advertise Jumei using his personal influences.

2. Background
• Chen Ou background

Chen Ou was born in 1983. At the age of 16, he was accepted at Nanyang Technological…
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