China 's Cultural Revolution : China

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Veronica Gregorio Hocutt ENG 2H 15 February 2016 China’s Cultural Revolution Introduction Genocide is the intentional carnage of a large group of people usually due to a particular religion or ethnicity. China’s Cultural Revolution lasted from 1966 until 1976 and dealt with Mao Zedong, the chairman of the Communist Party of China, wanting to realm the true communists. Both Night and China’s Cultural Revolution had to do with a dominant, political figure seeking the flawless race. In Night, numerous races not considered German or Aryan were slayed such as the Jews, Hungarians, Russians, and French, on the other hand, China’s Cultural Revolution mainly allocated with only the Chinese race. In order to preclude future genocides or war crimes from happening, countries can make written pacts with penalties to anyone that disrupts the rubrics, let all citizens have a part in government and verdict making, and resolve any and all conflicts that arise. Causes In China’s Cultural Revolution, many causes added to the genocide taking place. A vast majority of the causes had to do with political complications between Mao Zedong and other political figures. For instance, Mao didn’t like any ideologies that went in contradiction of communism (Lamb 1). He also didn’t like anyone opposing him, gaining popularity (Li 2). Since Mao became so close minded on his beliefs, it led him to accept as true that only certain people, those who shared his views on communism, be worthy of life. This
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