China 's Economic Development And Macroeconomic Policies

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China’s economic development and macroeconomic policies in 2013-2014

Economics for Global Business – Written Assignment

Regent’s University of London

Written by: Fabian Leonardo Cabrera Martinez and Marko Bakovic

Date: March 22nd 2015

Module teacher: Karuna Gomane Contents page

Introduction 3
China’s economic development during 2013 4
China’s economic development during 2014 6
Conclusion 9
Reference list 10 Figures page

Figure 1 – Retail sales of consumer goods 4
Figure 2 - Trend of industrial added value output 5
Figure 3 - GDP Annual Growth Rate in China 7


China is considered the second largest economy in the world. During the past two years, this country has faced a number of both positive and negative situations which have affected its economic development. On one hand, the government and the Central Bank effectively managed China during 2013 exceeding some of the objectives for that year, including the annual economic growth objective of 7.5%. Although China had a positive development throughout the year, it also had some slow stages where its annual growth dropped below the objective. The government and Central Bank of China suggested different macroeconomic policies to promote a healthier economic development. They implemented policies such as cutting taxes, exports support and lending to private sectors to make its economy more stable. On the other hand, however, China had a relatively slow pace during 2014 reaching a…
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