China 's Effect On Child Labor

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Imagine a twelve year old child getting up every morning going to work in a factory instead of going to school to get an education. Yes this is the reality in China for many young children. While here is the US many children at the age of 12 are in elementary school, children in China are working in factory industries making toys and other goods to export out to the US and other countries. For years, China has engaged in the use of child labor, wage levels below international standards, and unsafe ergonomic conditions. Some facts about China is that they are a communist country and currently the president of China is Xi Jinping. They have the largest population of people in the world with more than 1.3 billion people. There was a one child policy per couple in effect and that policy has recently been amended. A few of their major cities like Dogguan, and Tianjin have been found guilty of child labor abuse (Asianhistory.About, 2014). China entered the WTO in December 2001. It had been a long process of negations with the WTO formerly the GATT. For China this was a big step. The process took about 15 years before China was accessioned into the WTO. According to an article “Free trade” it took this long mainly due to getting the country’s politics and policy making process to produce conditions that would allow them to submit a bid into the WTO and eventually become part of the WTO (Harold, 2008). Once China became part of the WTO they have tremendous economic growth.
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