China 's Engagement Into Multilateral Participation Essay

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2 Literature Review
In spite of the fact that China 's engagement into multilateral participation in the South China Sea dispute comes up with compositions on conflict management in this area by various researchers, so far not very many endeavours have been made to clarify the explanations behind China 's changing state of mind towards multilateralism (Desjardins 2014). The current level headed discussions essentially take after three lines of contentions. The three systemic theories incorporated in it are realism, liberalism, and constructivism (Chang 2014). Talking into consideration these three theories, the China 's South China Sea approach from a particular point of view is projected below.
2.1 Realism
Since 1919, there is a common emphasis on the realism in world politics and this has caused the Realist Theory to become prominent for mostly all the matters of international relations as perceived from Carr (2014). The realism has been continued to be part of international relations since this time and it has still been under consideration with high dominance. The dominance of this theory was provided after the cold war and then it remained in power. The main focus of realism theory in the proposed study would remain in the delivery of the background study of the dispute that is a South China Sea dispute, in accordance with its evolution, conflict management, and resolution (Morgenthau 2014). This would help in understanding the nature acquired by the claimant nations
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