China 's Growth As A Foreign Power

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China 's growth as a foreign power is shifting the dynamics of global relations. It can be theorized that China as a growing influence poses a danger to middle powers economically, diplomatically and militarily. The reasoning behind this research branches from the growing prominence of middle powers as players in global politics. Particularly, focusing on the motivations of middle power states and their reactions, changes in foreign or domestic policy, to China growing as an economically, politically, and militarily strong nation. This report will discuss the ways in which the collection of nations called the "middle powers" are reacting to China 's rising economic, diplomatic, and military power. It will also examine the shifting position…show more content…
These two theories will be applied in an attempt to assess whether Australia and Canada in particular alter their policies as a defensive response to China’s growing influence or if it is rather a result of a mix of history, ideas, norms, and beliefs that affect a their roles in international relations. It will be argued that with the growth of China as a foreign power, middle powers begin to feel threatened and thus alter their policies to reflect a more secure approach to international relations and thus reflects a defensive-realist perspective.

Middle power nations essentially possess capabilities slightly inferior to that of great powers, such as the United States, nonetheless they continue to hold influence within global politics. As these middle power states do not posses the strength or influence of great powers, but do possess more influence than that of developing nations, they rest in a fascinating position in the field of international relations. The typical behaviour that has come to be expected of middle powers is that their role in the political sphere involves the mediation of conflicts, most often between great powers and the initial building of connections between the developed and developing worlds . Their situation politically and economically can very much depend on their alliances and most of the middle power
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