China 's Impact On China

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For many decades, China has always been technologically and economically ahead of Europe. The invention of gunpowder, printing, and the compass started in China and was later dispersed throughout Europe. These inventions changed China as much as they changed Europe. These inventions also caused a gap between China and Europe. By the late eighteenth century, industrial revolution first started its spread from Europe.The transformations within Europe began to further accelerate while China was falling behind. In Europe, economic transformation was accompanied by social transformation. The social and demographic changes that were taking place, created the pressure for political change as well. Europe was expanding both demographically and economically, which strengthening their power in the global order. Conversely, China constrained itself from the outside world and focus on internal progresses ranging from agriculture to social classes. Why were industries in China more labor-intensive than those in Europe? In addition to its diverse geography and the belief of being self-sufficient, China struggled to transition to experiment-cum-science-based invention as well as rejecting the opportunity to create bonds and capital markets with other nations.
China’s backwardness was caused by its labor-intensive system as well as its attitude toward globalization. Because of the labor-intensive industries, China lacked the experience of…

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