China 's Influence On The China Of The 21st Century

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Ancient China’s rich history has a direct influence on the China of the 21st century. First, the immense importance of the cultivation of rice, which became a staple source of food in China for centuries. Next, the primary source of accounts of ancient china comes from the Shujing, which spanned the Xia, Shang, and Zhou empires. Furthermore, The power women could hold reached its heights during the Shang empire, and underwent a downward trajectory during the Zhou empire. Moreover, regime changes have had a unique outcomes in China due to the “Mandate of Heaven” which gave new regimes the control over the civilians of the conquered empires. Lastly, the decline of the Zhou came about from the power of local rulers who began to seek their own interests. Ultimately, the mandate of heaven bears responsibility for keeping China intact for centuries regardless of conflicts and shifts in power. China’s shift from foraging to an agrarian society was facilitated by the cultivation of rice, whilst the advancements of war mechanisms such as the chariot came as a result of the introduction of the horse. Rice cultivation in China played a vital role in the expansion of the Chinese empire. Sivers, Desnoyer, and Stow, infer that Southeast Asia’s rice cultivation allowed for Chinese food production to keep pace with the expanding Chinese population until the nineteenth century. Next, the introduction of horse was quickly utilized on chariots as they were introduced from Eurasia,
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