China 's New Policy Plan

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The Communist party in China has, for decades insisted that peasants, even those working in cities, remain tied to their tiny plots of land to ensure political and economic stability. (Johnson,2014) However, China’s new policy is now to urbanize most of China as a way of mass modernization and they are doing so, through the creation of new cities and massive relocation. Due to the large amount of funds needed to create new cities, China’s government has created a series of development strategies that is meant to bring in people both investors and residents alike because they need the money from the investors and the land from the people.
China’s urbanization policy is highlighted by their plan to move 250 million rural residents into newly constructed towns and cities over the next dozen years. (Johnson,2014) Ian Johnson said that “The ultimate goal of the government’s modernization plan is to fully integrate 70 percent of the country’s population, or roughly 900 million people, into city living by 2025.” (Johnson,2014) Johnson also said that China is so keen on urbanization because by urbanizing, they could change China’s economic structure from an export reliant country into a country based on domestic demand for product.
However, in order to achieve such lofty goals, the government would require a lot of money and in order to gain a lot of money, the government started a lot of projects that author Pu Miao classify as “window dressing projects”. The projects that Pu Miao
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