China 's Republic Of China

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INTRODUCTION OF CHINA Known fully as the people’s republic of China, this country has improved vastly in terms of economic progress in the past decades. With 93% of its population being Han Chinese, China also has 55 other ethnic minorities. This percentage totals up to 1.37 billion people, making China the country with the largest population in the world. The population of China is rather unevenly distributed into 23 different provinces and each province is governed by a local government. China has the second highest GDP in the world of 19.24trillion USD and this figure is increasing rapidly. With over 3000 years of written history, China is also one of the oldest country in the world. During this 3000 years, China experienced imperial rule up till the last century when the last dynasty, the Qing Dynasty ended. With this long history, China also faced numerous rebellions, overthrowing of dynasties, wars and other disasters. However, its people persevered and hence also help build a prosperous country we know as China today. ETHICAL AND MORAL NORMS With a long history, China has many cultural and ethical norms as well. Many of these appear controversial but one could unravel the reasons behind their doings by having a more in depth knowledge of their culture. One norm this report will be covering will be bribery. In recent years, many top notched officials were arrested in an effort by Chinese leader Xi Jin Ping to eradicate corruption in the country. One such leader
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