China 's Second Largest Travel And Tourism Economy After The United States Essay

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China is only flourishing as the years go by, and it is only going to continue to flourish because of the way society is brought upon them. It is essential to know the importance of tourism and all the positive and negative attributes it has to offer. China is the “world’s second largest travel and tourism economy after the United States by 2015”, according to a new report from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). China’s tourist appeal is very different from any other countries outside of East Asia, offering a variety of things to do and places to visit. China is an exotic country with new sights and experiences to enjoy, and has an extraordinary culture waiting for you to discover. “English is rarely spoken by locals, and seemingly everything about the culture is backwards from what you know, but if you 're up for the challenge, you 'll be rewarded with a truly spectacular experience” (Vans Hinbergh). China is a very large country and with that, has many traditions and customs depending on what geography and ethnicity you are located in the country. “More than 1 billion people live in China, according to the Asia Society, representing 56 ethnic minority groups. The largest group is the Han Chinese, with about 900 million people” (Zimmermann). It’s a country that is rapidly developing new architectures and quite frankly, losing a lot of its history to Western destruction and should be visited soon to grasp the culture they have to offer. China’s culture happens to
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