China 's Solar Photovoltaic Energy Development

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Leiding Wang Econ 3253 Ouyang Yusi Dec 04, 2014 China’s Solar Photovoltaic Energy Development With the rapid economic development, China has surpassed US and become the world’s largest economy. In the same time, China also become the largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide (Co2) which is the most important reason for world’s climate change. During the development of economy, China used Coal too much and Coal would be converted to Co2. However, Coal is one of a fossil Fuel which means it is non-renewable. For the future development and environmental concerns, China has the sufficient reason to find another resource instead of Coal. Indeed, China is trying to extend application of renewable energy such as wind power, hydropower and solar energy. Especially, solar energy developed very well last decade in China and China become the leading manufacturer of PV (Photovoltaic— solar energy). According to article China’s Solar Photovoltaic Industry Development: The Status Quo, Problems and Approaches, “solar PV energy supply is destined to become one of the main global energy supply carriers by 2030 and a leading energy source by 2050. EU and USA plan to expand the gross installed capacity of the PV industry to over 1500 million KW by 2050. China aims to create a PV industry with a gross installed capacity of 1050 GW by 2030.” (Hongzhang P222) Based on information above, it is easy to notice China’s potential in PV industry and PV market will create value for China’s economy.

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