China 's Steel Products Export Situation

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China exported 5564700 tons of steels to Korea, down 60.10% year on year. The proportion to total steel export volume was 22.62%m down 0.94% compared with 2008 (Cheng, 2009). In 2009, among top 10 countries to which China exported steels, the ranking of Vietnam, India, Thailand and Singapore ascended, compared with 2008. America and United Arab Emirates with sharp rise in the export volume fell to the 4th place and the 9th place in 2009 from the 2nd place and the 5th place in 2008. Indonesia and Iran decreased by 7.89% compared with 2008, due to small year-on-year decline range of export volume (Huan, 2014). 2.4 Problems of current China’s steel commodity market
In recent years, China has also made considerable progress in steel industry. China has become a big steel country, but not the power of steel. Both China’s steel products export situation and raw materials import situation are not optimistic. The main problems are as follows:
(1) Trade friction
Trade friction has increasingly heated up. Since the surge in export of Chinese steel and the over-concentration of Chinese steel exporting countries and regions, China 's steel industry has become the focus of international trade protection and remedies. At present, China 's steel exports are mainly concentrated in South Korea, the United States and the European Union, this tripartite steel exports accounted for nearly half of the exports. This exacerbated the friction between China and these countries and can also cause
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