China vs. North Korea: Communism Essay

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There are a number of similarities between North Korea, The United States and China. That statement could be said about certain aspects of the three countries when looking purely at what is written on paper. According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Fact Book all three countries have the essential three branches of government; executive, legislative, and judicial (2012). But it takes little effort to peel away the first layer and see the vast differences between The United States and the communist countries of China and North Korea. This paper is designed to peel away that second layer and reveal the differences between the communist countries of China and North Korea. By examining the aspects of how each country…show more content…
Whereas China may have more than one choice, but that choice will be from the Chinese Communist Party; the reality of North Korea is that the members of the Supreme People's Assembly have one choice and one choice only for who will be their supreme leader. This difference of a toleration dictatorship under which the government is structured is the first and most important characteristic of North Korea that begins to separate it from China. The government structure of North Korea has its existence in one man, Kim Jong Un. It existed in his father, Kim Jong Il, before him, and in his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, before him. North Korea has one of the few successful hereditary dictatorships based on a personalistic regime where the leaders are worshipped as almost a deity (after Kim Il-sung’s death he was made “eternal president”) creating a dynastic transfer of power (Aoki, 2012). In China the one party of the Chinese Communist Party will rule as an Authoritarian body over the nation, but in North Korea the sole power rest dangerously in the arms of one person. Some of the reason for this dissimilarity between the two government structures lies in the country’s differing political cultures. Some of the disparity between China and North Korea can be seen in their constitutions and what they are based on. According to Dr. Axel Tschentscher LL.M. ( 2012) at Bern University and author of the International Constitutional

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