China's Dominance over Vietnam: Tran Tho, and The Records of the Historian by Sima Qian

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Chinese dominated Vietnam for 1,000 years. The French also dominated the country for 61 years. However, Vietnam gets most influence from China, which is one of the most powerful countries in the world after America. However, Viet Nam culture and Chinese culture have Differences.
First of all, Chinese culture came into Vietnam a long time ago when the feudal came from China and made the most effect to Vietnamese apparatus of government. As the result of this, Vietnamese suffered long miserable time. The varieties of Chinese culture are about alphabet, literature, history, natural science, art, architecture, sculpture, education, religion and idea. The alphabet was written on turtle shell and animal bones. Chinese had rich literature due to its variety of examination mode. Literature became ruler of knowledge. Some popular history books including "Xuan Thu” which was written by Confucius, Three Kingdoms by “Tran Tho”, and The Records of the Historian by Sima Qian. Chinese people were also very successful with natural science including math, astronomy, and medicine. Additionally, Chinese created paper, compass, and gunpowder. Art and architecture was the most successful in China for 5000-6000 years in form of wall painting. Watercolors painting especially made much effect on Asian countries. The most popular architectural works of China are The Great Wall and Qui Shin Huang royal tombs, and Purple Forbidden City in Beijing.…
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