China's Economic Growth Process in a Nutshell

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Introduction: China has achieved brisk economic growth since late 1970’s, with an average annual growth rate of 9.8% over the past 27 years. Such economic growth owes not only to economic reform began at the end of 1978, when the third session of the Central Committee of the 11th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party was held and later regarded as a landmark in the existing Chinese history, but also to administrative reform accompanying with economic reform. Administrative reform has been collectively acknowledged as an vital part of the development process. In order to meet the challenges of rapid socioeconomic changes and domestic and international pressure, the concept of administrative system in China has a broader reporting than it is usually tacit. It is a imitative of political system, and some rudiments in administrative system are even inherent components of the political system. While the administrative system in China has been under consecutive reform and adjustment ever since the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, this report only focuses on the administrative reform since the beginning of 1980’s, when China began to budge its overall model of governance and start reforms in all rounds. Whereas the reform of economic system in China is quite well known to the world, the reform in public administration may not be so. In fact, to become accustomed to the transition from designed economy to market economy in particular, and to the change of

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