China's Emerging Financial Markets Challenges and Global Impact

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China over the last decade has experienced high levels of economic growth and consequently there has been an explosion of growth in the Smartphone mobile Industry with China becoming the largest smartphone mobile market in the world and recently the largest producer of smartphones, producing 224 million smartphone units in 2012. This essay aims to examine how China has become an important player in the Smartphone Market. In the context of this essay it is important to define innovation and globalisation as these two words have helped to shape the Chinese smartphone industry, turning China into a serious competitive player in this growing industry. Innovation is defined as “the process of making changes to something established by…show more content…
Its expansion in China is allowing Lenovo to push its products into more emerging markets, slowly increasing the global profile for its Smartphones. This is ultimately the strategy Chinese firms should pursue, as it allows them to increase brand awareness of their Smartphones. Western Firms have seen their market share fall, because Chinese firms have been able to launch more products which are similar but have a few exclusive features for the Chinese market. The other big factor is price. Although Chinese mobile operators such as China Unicom subsidise the cost of products such as the Apple IPhone, the cost is still beyond the vast majority of Chinese mobile phone users whose average salary is around £5,000 a year. In 2011 smartphones costing less than $200 made up 40% of Smartphones, whereas for devices costing in excess of $700 accounted for only 11% of the market. This shows that the low-margin cheaper products made by Lenovo and other Chinese manufacturers are clear winners, over the higher quality products made by Apple and Samsung. It is also apparent that there is also a clear preference for the Google produced Android Operating System over rival ones such as IOS by Apple. The Android System between 2011 and 2012 has built a dominant market share making up 86.1% of the total Smartphone operating systems in China. The Smartphone Industry in China is structured in a number of ways.
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