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CHINA’S EXPORTS: AN UNSTOPPABLE COMPETITOR Pavel Aleksandrov Student Number: 000873249 Course name: MSc Engineering Management Questions: 1. In what types of good is China a world leader? 2. What are the characteristics of the types of goods in which China succeeds? 3. What explains China’s pattern of exports 4. What role does foreign investment and foreign purchasing play? 5. So who makes the money on China’s export? 6. Identify the goods in which China is uncompetitive in world markets? 7. Does China succeed in all industries? Why of why not? 8. Are Chinese provinces involved in trade the same extent? 9. Can China succeed in all industries? Q1 Nowadays China is one of the world's top exporting counties and is…show more content…
Q2 The developing country is certainly relying on the capitalistic methods, to invest in goods which it is competitive in. The reality is that developing countries face serious problems when they try to become competitive in a new product, when they try to change production and engage a new possition in market and exports toward more sophisticated products. From the article is obvious that China successfully export goods which are with high value, such as automobiles. Countries grow faster with more variation in their export. The associations is that a margin growth sustained for period of two decades must involve the introduction of innovated goods, not merely continuously learning on a fixed set of goods. The American Assossiation of Technologies reported that in the area of high-technology, according, China is now already the world’s third market of informational techology. China is also the third largest participant in the world’s market, behind the United States and Japan. It is often reported that China is the easiest business partner, but it seems that the Unite States increasingly benefit from the spreading and developing market of the Chineese people. Q3 China switched course and launched an "open-door" policy. Sustained growth has been underpinned by deep structural reforms. They have helped to make the way for the rise of export sector which now accounts for around a tenth of global exports. Trade liberalization motivates countries to
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