China's Factories and Sweatshop

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China Sweatshop When you go shopping to Walmart or Apple ask yourself where your product is coming from. China has numerous sweatshop factories assembling USA's products from stores as Apple and Walmart. China’s Sweatshop tends to violate human labor’s rights by forcing overtime and going under the mandatory minimum wage and other violations as long hour without pay, sexual, and physical harassment. China's sweatshop factory tends to be quite popular because is cheap labor, free trade zone, or low fee rates in taxes. The reason store as Apple and Walmart has their product to be assembled in China's factory is to avoid high export fees. Since Walmart and Apple factory's locations was identified and it came public in the media it shocked the world of its employee’s cruel working's condition. Factors in China are located in Guangdong Province Songang or in Shenzhen. For example Foxconn is a factory located in Shenzhen where Apple send their electronic to be assembled and made. In China the majority workers in factories is occupy by women and children. The percentage of women in China's Sweatshops is ninety percents. In China, the majority working in sweatshop are women which are young and not educated; in addition, forcing them to be ignorant of their own legal rights. Young women in China are attached to numeral discrimination and unfair pay. China's sweatshop is popular on violating labor rights, especially against women and underage minor women and men. It is unfortunate
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